News and Notes

2008 News

 The highs and lows continue this year. 

The highs:  DT Arielle and I are taking dressage lessons!  Our instuctor is Charlie Musco, a very highly rated open dressage trainer and judge.  Dressage is very different from Western Pleasure, but Arielle and I are up to the task.  Charlie is already talking about a training show.  I think I can, I think I can . . . 

We have acquired a wonderful pure Polish mare from Marsha Parkinson of Canterbury Farm.  She is Espalia (Gllorious x Espanola), aka Polly Pumpkin.  She is a doll to work with and is coming along very nicely.  Originally purchased to do Western Pleasure, her attitude (and extremely short cannons) have me thinking, maybe, reining.  Whatever the decision, it will have to wait a year, as Polly will be bred to the Polish import, Equifor, this spring.

The lows:  Our beautiful Talisman Bey daughter, Winsome Bint Bey, was euthanized on January 3, 2008 after a long battle with chronic laminitis.  She was 23 years old.  Baby Bint was one of the most beautiful mares I had ever owned, and she will be missed tremendously.  She left us with one daughter, WB Willow Bey, who is an excellent producer, and lovely mare in her own right.

2007 News

The year so far has had its very highs, and very lows.  

The highs:  A new grandson - Aiden Thomas Wiese (6lbs 9.5 oz)!!  Born April 24,2007

 We have built a  100 x 60 ft Morton building as in indoor riding arena.  It also has 4 stalls and a tack room and         viewing/lounge area.  Winter and rain are no longer a threat to us!

Two new pony foals by our stallion Rosmel's Golden Wonder:

                  Half-Arabian, Half-Welsh  "  Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x LS Elegance  (Filly!)

                  Half-Welsh Pony     Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  WB Champagne Split  (Filly!)

The lows:  THA Sonseress was unable to deliver a large bay filly( with lots of white) by Pomp due to a breech presentation.  The filly died, but Sonseress survived an emergency C-section.

After 3 months of lessons and two classes at one show, Arielle is home from training .  She is very unhappy with a curb bit and has trouble keeping her head down and in frame.  I'm sad for the loss of a show horse, but happy to have a safe snaffle mount to ride every day at home. 


Breedings for 2008:   Denali BHF x WB Libertarian   (confirmed in foal!)    (Purebred Arabian)

                                          Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  Rosmel's Dreamcicle     (Purebred Welsh Pony)

                                          Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  WB Champagne Split    (Half-Welsh)

                                          Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x LS Elegance     (Arabian/Welsh cross)

                                          Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  SB Josie     (Arabian/Welsh cross)


2006 News:

New Show mare - DT Arielle was purchased from Windridge Arabians as a western pleasure mount for the women of the family.  She is a beautiful 15.3 hh liver chestnut and very kind and gentle.  We are looking forward to success in the showring next year.  We are currently waiting for a stall with Rick Gault Training Center.

New Mare!   We have acquired a Purebred Arabian as a bit of a project. As beautiful as she is, Tsullivans Tsable has not been able to conceive a foal in several years due to a uterine infection and pooling of fluid.  We are working with our vet, Dr. Vicci Newell, to see if we can get this grand lady back in foal.


New Babies :  We are expecting 6 in 2006.  

                      Purebred Arabians :  Pomp An Circumstance  x  THA Sonseress   (Filly!)

                                                               Infinety  x  WB Willow Bay   (Colt!)

                      Half-Arabian, Half-Welsh  "  Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  SB Josie   (Filly!)

                                                                               Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  WB So Sereene  (Colt!)

                      Purebred Welsh Pony  :  Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  Rosmel's Dreamcicle  (Colt!)

                      Half-Welsh Pony          :  Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  WB Champagne Split  (Colt!)


Sad news:  WB Wings of a Dove, a large tricolor Half-Arabian Pinto, slipped her foal this winter.  She was bred to Dark Vaderr, who tragically died last summer after contracting Potomac Horse Fever.


Breedings for 2007:   Pomp An Circumstance  x  THA Sonseress  (Confirmed in foal!)

                                          Pomp An Circumstance  x  Winsome Bint Bey

                                          Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  LS Elegance   (Confirmed in foal!)

                                          Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  WB Champagne Split  (Confirmed in foal!)

                                          Rosmel's Golden Wonder  x  Tsullivans Tsable


Show News!  Unbelievable as it sounds, Tom Whelan is now the handler for halter horses in the AOTH classes.

     Old Dominion Show March 2006:  WB Peace Prize -   Sweepstakes Fillies  -  2nd

                                                                                                               Reserve Junior Champion Mare

                                                                                                               AOTH Mares  - 1st

      NCAHA Show April 2006:    WB Peace Prize - Breeding Mares - 2nd

                                                                                                      AOTH Mares - 1st

                                                                     WB Unmistakable - Gelding In-hand  - 2nd

                                                                                                              Reserve Champion Gelding

                                                                                                               AOTH Gelding - 2nd